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Ways Set up a New Computer

First you decide which car you want, then choose from hundreds of models on the market one that will satisfy all your desires, then run to the shops, pritsenivayas and selecting the most advantageous offer or order a new toy in the online store. Once you got what you wanted, we can only accurately, sweaty hands open the package and get it to light, a new friend and helper. What is the next step?

Naturally, you want to see, of what your new baby. Of course, can not wait to check out all at once. And, yet, you freeze, do a few deep breaths and start to set up your computer. At least, that is what will be most appropriate.

Spending a little quality time on setting up a new PC, later you will save time, nerves and get a guarantee of its stability and long work. Step one: Copy data from your old PC Let’s start from the beginning.

First, you have an old computer (assuming you bought a new PC is not because the former had died once and for all, and is not suitable for use) in which to store your entire life – from business documents to personal correspondence from browser bookmarks to your favorite movies and music.

Therefore, the first thing to start to create a convenient car – with copying data to transfer to the new computer. I think no one doubts there will need this step. Easy Transfer – Specialized migration tool software. In fact, many of his may be enough.

However, in some cases, you can not move anything you want. This is a good program, if you plan to move from the old computer to the new only their data – files, folders, e-mails, user accounts, and configuring software. But for the full transfer of applications and system files, such as drivers, you’ll need something better. Another disadvantage – incorrect data transfer and multi-lingual platform raznoarhitekturnyh Windows. So, if you used to be a 32-bit Windows, and now 64-bit, all have to be transferred manually.

in this case, the ideal solution would be the purchase of an external hard drive USB (of course, if the farm until he has none).

Of course, you can use the package and DVD-ROM drive, but believe me, the occupation is quite troublesome. It is better to create a folder on the external drive and copy all in one place in this order (do not forget to email yourself a memo): contact for more computer tips

3. The next step – start the web browser, go to “Settings” – “Import and Export”, there select “Export Bookmarks”, assign a file name, and then copy it to an external hard drive. Another thing, if you use this plugin as Marks (works with Firefox, Internet Explorer, and Mac-version of Safari). It can be used to sync and backup your browser bookmarks and passwords from another computer.

Incidentally, all of the above procedures will allow you not only to transfer useful data, but also help to clean your computer from clutter that inevitably accumulates. If you find out what is not in use for at least a year, ruthlessly leave it in the same place and do not put in a brand new PC. After all the important copied and sorted on an external hard disk, you can turn off your old computer forever.

Naturally, the perfect technology, but because the time that you spend on your data, it may take several days. Remember, this is in your best interest, and therefore sort it out, slowly, to later try not cruel feeling of irreparable loss. Contact for more computer tricks.