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Ways Cleaning the inside of Computer to Prevent Damage

Normally, when something of ours needs to be cleaned, it’s apparent to us. When our dishes need to be cleaned they fill up the sink, when our clothes need to be washed they fill up the hamper, but when our computer needs to be cleaned, it doesn’t show any signs of being dirty, or does it?

Let us begin with why we need to clean our computers. The inside of a computer contain chips that maintain a high temperature while running. How high a temperature really? High enough that unless the chips receive the right amount of air flow they could easily fry. The difference between a cool computer and a total meltdown is simple air flow. Cooling is such a simple process but definitely one of the most important processes to a computer. It is also the number one reason why you should clean your computer on a regular basis.

While your computer may look clean on the outside with regular dusting, on the inside, the components of your computer could be covered in dust and animal fur. Especially if your CPU sits on the floor, even more so if you also have carpet and you probably have the worst case scenario if you additionally have pets.

When dust and animal fur get inside your computer through the air intake vents, it attaches itself to the internal components, and over months of building up, it prohibits air from properly flowing around all the parts. Once the air flow is restricted, the processor could start to slow down so that it doesn’t risk overheating. Or the chips could eventually degrade and at some point they would burn themselves out. No matter what the case what you will have on your hands is a computer that has lost its efficiency and that runs a lot slower than it should, or dies altogether. In fact, it is actually very easy to mistake the slowness due to overheating for other problems such as spyware, viruses or lack of memory.

Luckily cleaning the inside of your computer is very inexpensive and very simple. Whether you feel comfortable about handling the task yourself or you take your computer to a local computer expert the process and cost should be minimal.

Lastly, now that you know why cleaning your computer is so important to the health and longevity you should know how often to clean it. While the frequency that you clean the inside will depend on whether the CPU sits on the floor, whether you have carpet and pets, it is a good rule of thumb to clean the insides every 6-12 months, and more often if you have several pets.