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Monthly Archives: December 2016

Ways be a Computer Technician

There are different kinds of computer technicians. PC, Mac repair and data recovery technician. A PC technician is the one who is trained for PC or laptop repair. This repair could be a software or hardware repair. A software repair includes fixing operating system or application related problems. A hardware repair is mainly related to parts in the PC or laptop. There is no limit on how much computer education the person should have. On the lower side if he has a computer technician diploma then he can start work as computer technician. Usually A+ certification (This course includes Microsoft and other related certifications) is the official certificate that is required by most of employer when they look for computer techs. In most cases a grade 10 plus a computer diploma or a plus certification is enough.

Other kind of technician is a Mac technician. Let me differentiate between two plate forms that are mainly used these days. One is Windows and the other one is Macintosh. Microsoft makes windows and Apple develops Mac. All the operating systems developed by Microsoft (Windows 3.1, Windows 95, Windows 98, Windows Minimum, Windows 2000, Windows XP, Windows vista and Windows 7) are called windows plate forms. On the other side, Panther, Tiger, Leopard and snow leopard are the operating systems written by Apple engineers. Apple operating system only works at their own hardware that means Apple make their own computer machines to be used with their plate form. Windows operating system runs on PC (personal computer), laptop or net book. There are other platforms that are very rarely used like UNIX and Linux. To become a Mac technician, one must be an Apple certified. Obviously experience is required after certification.

It’s a trend that a PC technician would not work on Mac machine. The reason in my opinion is Mac machines are more delicate and sensitive when it comes to repair these machines. The software platform is totally different than Windows system. The other reason could be the cost of these machines. Mac computers are expensive and personal computer technicians do not want to take risk. Another reason is parts for Mac computers are not available everywhere like PC parts are.

The next kind of computer technician is data recovery tech. This is the most high tech job. There are two important steps to become a computer data recovery specialist. First, one must have expert knowledge of storage media e.g. opening a hard drives and must be trained to understand how hard disk or data storages work. A data recovery course or hard disk repair course is must for data recovery technicians. Data recovery job involves using different type of equipment. A Hard disk expert is trained on how to these data recovery equipments. Data recovery expert must use this kind of technology. The recovery process is not simple to follow especially using these machines. Whether it is PC, Mac or data recovery technician, one must be certified and experienced to do the job properly.

Virtual Keyboard

Today, most of the technology lovers own innovative virtual keyboard, the latest technological discovery found in the market. This amazing device does not burden you with tiring clicking of keys for performing typing tasks; instead it supports laser technology that facilitates you to make best use of touch screen. This specialized device is sensitive to slightest touch and, hence, it is purchased by most of the touch screen lovers. Undoubtedly, these special devices are customized for meeting requirements of a business organization. Each of these companies creates virtual interface system serving numbers of purposes.

If you love to play online games, laser keyboard is the best option you could have. Innovative virtual keyboard works on laser technology allowing people to sit and work at distant places from the screen. It brings comfort in your working style. You should search a web search engine to get more details about this highly useful product.

When you are using a laser keyboard, find a flat surface for placing it. This flat surface is considered as a temporary keyboard. The laser rays are projected on the flat surface projecting virtual keyboard on this surface. It is important to find a flat surface before placing the projection device in order to avoid disruptions. Projection device throwing laser light allow you to arrange the keyboard keys depending upon your convenience. This device even gives you the freedom to change color and rename these keys for making your work simple. Performing business tasks using an innovative keyboard becomes quite simple. Therefore, it is important to invest time and effort for finding highly efficient laser keyboard.

Where to seek for assistance?

Even if you are not familiar with the device, you can look for assistance of the retailer giving you instructions about the utility techniques and significance of this product. Make sure you approach reliable online store for making best deal and saving money by finding considerable discounts.

Types of Computers And Accessories

Most commonly used computers are the microcomputers based on single chip microprocessor technology like the Personal Computer or PC commonly known as Desktop, Laptop and Palmtop computer. These three types are very prominently used nowadays by people of all fields and classes to meet their suitable requirements with laptops and palmtop computers being in vogue vis a vis desktops.

  • PC or Desktop: Desktop computers are the most suitable type of computers for use in offices, schools and other work places in performing different operations like documentation, accounting and internet browsing, etc. It consists of a desktop display known as Monitor with a key board placed on table top and a case containing mother board with processing unit known as CPU normally placed under the table. Desktops are generally cheaper than laptops and palmtop computers.
  • Laptop: Laptops are slim and light weighted as compared to desktops. They can be easily placed on the lap to work conveniently. Laptop mother boards have built in wireless technology. Therefore they can be easily carried and run on rechargeable battery. Unlike desktops, laptops do not require any extra space for storage.
  • PalmTop: It is very small in size and can be placed on the palm. Palmtops make use of an electronic pen known as stylus in place of key board for operating. Data feeding is done through hand written messages using this pen. A palmtop is also known as PDA (Personal Digital Assistant). It is also known as hand held or pocket computer. But a palmtop can perform limited functions and is mostly used as a phone book, diary or note book and for sending and receiving mails and playing games.

Classification Based on Operations
Besides the above 3 basic classifications, there are other classifications according to principles of operation or according to size and performance. Based on principles of operation, there are following three types:

  • Analog: Analog computer works on range of values which keep varying continuously and give approximate results of the computations. These computers are used for calculating temperature, pressure, voltage and speed.
  • Digital: Digital computers operate on digital data using binary number system. Widely used in engineering and technology fields, they are more accurate and give faster results.
  • Hybrid: Hybrid computers operate on a combined version of analog and digital features. These computers are mostly used for specialized tasks like automatic operations of machines and monitoring of complicated physical processes.

Other Classifications
Based on their size, capacity and performance computers can be classified into super computers, mainframe computers, minicomputers and microcomputers.

  • Super Computer: A large computer in terms of processing capacity, it can process hundreds of millions of instructions at a single moment. It is highly expensive and is useful for nuclear technology, scientific research, geological surveys and weather reports.
  • Mainframe: Mainframe computer is a computer with a large CPU for processing all operations linked with many hundreds of other computers in its frame work. They are also capable of efficiently monitoring hundreds of millions of transactions concurrently. They are widely used in banks, railways and airlines.
  • Mini Computer: A minicomputer is smaller than mainframe computer in operations and less expensive. But it can support more than 100 users at a single time.
  • Micro Computer: A microcomputer is based on one single microprocessor chip for its operations. Desktop PC, Laptop and palmtop computer are microcomputers. Other microcomputers include note books, tablets, game computers, smart books and smart phones, etc.

The First Computer

The history of computers is very interesting and colorful. If you want to know who made the first computer, then read further to know more.

The answer to the question who made the first computer in the world, is not an easy one. There was never a perfect computer developed like the one which we are using today. It developed gradually and with combined efforts, the perfect machine was made. Hence a single person cannot be given the credit of making the modern computer. However, Charles Babbage is known to have conceived the idea of the computer first. Hence, he is also known as the ‘Father of Computers’.

The First Computer

Charles Babbage was a British math professor. It was he who thought of building an analytical engine, which was the first mechanical computer which could store programs. It was in the year 1837, almost 100 years before the origin of computers. It is really extraordinary for a person to think of building a machine which was way ahead of its time. But then, unfortunately, the analytical machine was never completed because of political, legal and financial obstacles. Then, almost a century later, in the year 1936, Konrad Zuse made world’s first program controlled computing machine in Germany. Many believe that it was Zuse who made the first computer. His machine was named as Z1. Because of the war during that time, Zuse faced many hardships for building his machine. And it paid off well. The Z1 developed by Zuse had a 64-word memory and each of these words contained 22 bits. This was when the first programmable computer was developed. Later, Zuse developed Z2 and Z3 machines.

Around the same time in the year 1937, at the Iowa State University, the first electronic digital computer was made. It was called ABC which stood for Atanasoff-Berry Computer. It was developed by John V. Atanasoff and Clifford Berry. It took Atanasoff and Berry a few years to build this machine. The ABC was the first digital computer. Then later in the year 1943, a project was initiated by J. Presper Eckert and John Mauchly. They began their project in the year 1943 and it took almost 3 years to build this machine. It was known as ENIAC. It stands for Electronic Numerical Integrator and Computer. It was the first digital computer and the one which could be re-programmed. This machine was massive and it took more than 1500 square feet of space. It had numerous vacuum tubes, capacitors, relays, resistors, etc. This mammoth machine weighed almost 30 tons.

The First Personal Computer

Personal desktop computers were possible because of the invention of microprocessors. Microprocessor is a miniature chip which is equivalent to thousands of transistors. Because of this chip, the size of the CPU decreased. However, the credit for making the very first computer for personal use goes to Micro Instrumentation Telemetry Systems (MITS) which developed a computer kit known as Altair 8800. After its development, there was a rising demand for this product. And hence commercially, Tandy Corporation (Radio Shack) developed its machine in the year 1977. It had a keyboard and also a cathode-ray display terminal (CRT).

Then later in the year 1976, Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak, founders of Apple Computers developed the Apple I and later Apple II, which had their own version of microprocessors. And then in early 1980s, IBM brought in its IBM PC, which was IBM’s own microcomputer model. In the later years, the burgeoning field of computers saw more and more developments and


The First Laptop

Like how personal computers evolved gradually, in the same manner, laptops too evolved. The very first portable computer was developed by Xerox PARC and they named it Xerox NoteTaker. Though this machine was never mass produced, but then it served as a prototype for other machines to be followed. And then the first portable laptop computer was made by Osborne Computer Corporation and was named Osborne 1. Adam Osborne created this machine. Computers are still evolving and changing gradually. We can see more and more technological developments in this field now, replacing older systems and programs. All it is doing is helping us and reduce our workload.